Investment Approach

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Our Philosophy

UCapital Asset Management modus operandi follow a systematic and quantitative philosophy. It is based on proprietary trading models combined with an advanced artificial intelligence system that allows us to better manage all our portfolio strategies, minimizing risk and maximizing profits.


We use a hybrid approach in the management process, using our algorithms jointly with the experience of the best traders. A winning mix that allows you to take advantage of the best strategies based on the rapid changes in the market phases.

The logic and methodologies of analysis and selection of financial instruments for the construction of efficient portfolios takes place following a Top-Down approach.

The Decision Process

Qualitative Analisys

We mean the study on the evolution of the main macroeconomic and sector variables of the major geographical areas, in order to outline short, medium and long-term future scenarios for each asset-class.

Quantitative Analisys

Is the selection of the best instruments to be included in the portfolio through the execution of automated algorithms that analyze the securities under the fundamental, technical and sentiment aspects.


The optimal allocation of resources based on the various levels of risk chosen, through the application of the Black-Litterman model.

Your Investment Journey

Your Goals are our goals

1. Talk to one of our financial analysts

2. Open and verify your trading account

3. Deposit your funds in to the trading account

4. Authorize us to manage your account

5. We manage and optimize your investment

6. Check out your investment in real time

7. We take constantly care of your money

8. Only if you earn we earn too

9. Withdraw your money whenever you want

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UCapital Asset Management is a trading name of Pairstech Capital Management LLP. Pairstech Capital Management LLP is authorized and regulated by the FCA – Financial Conduct Authority – with registration number 477155. Pairstech Capital Management LLP is authorized as third country firm without a branch by CONSOB with registration number 54. Registered Company number OC333807.

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